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Metal Halide Lamp

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1.Removable design,for more convenience use.
2.Outstanding reflect sysytem result best lighting effect.
3.Excellent radiation system which enable teh tubes bulbs and ballasts can be used in alonger time.
4.Aluminum foil on each side of day-light lamp can reflect the light and make it stronger.That is suitable for seaweed growing.
5.The hanging equipment is more nimble.

Name : HLD-1250D

model day-light lamp metal halide lamp length
HLD-640D 4x24W/T5 1x150W 640x385x150mm
HLD-950D 4x39W/T6 1x150W 950x385x150mm
HLD-1250D 4x54W/T7 2x150W 1250x385x150mm
HLD-1500D 4x54W/T8 2x150W 1500x385x150mm
HLD-1800D 4x54W/T9 3x150W 1800x385x150mm

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