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Excellent ornamental value fish Hushang "beauty contest" albino dragon reached 880000 yuan
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In October 13th, held in Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Hall of the 2014 Shanghai International Aquarium Expo in ninth entered the last day. The exhibition of four days, rich and colorful, set up live ornamental fish show and competition, both rare boutique and Aquarium Aquarium derivative products, with ornamental fish aquarium professional forums, lectures, science popularization and propaganda and consultation service. Among them, the goldfish art display area through the traditional Chinese painting, paper cutting, ceramic and other forms, the ingenious combination of goldfish and Chinese traditional art, to give people the enjoyment of beauty, and from the 100 cylinder goldfish choose representative varieties of goldfish and farm representatives, by the experts commented on the winning entries goldfish goldfish quality, carries on the product; first discus contest in Malaysia, Singapore and other countries in the discus fish; dragon fish game show from the dragon fish home come from afar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia boutique dragon fish, match referee please overseas peers as, fair and impartial competition, the site will show high quality Dragon fish products the value of a tail, high priced albino Jinlong amounted to 880000 yuan
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