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2014 - the fish tank aquarium ten brand list
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The 1, dense Sunsun Dense group was founded in November 16, 1985, formerly known as the Dinghai Qin Feng Machinery Factory, in 1994 October changed its name to Zhoushan Sensen Pump Co., Ltd, in 2000 April to become the Zhejiang Sensen Industrial Co., Ltd., registered in November 4, 2011 to become now the Sunsun group Limited by Share Ltd. Dense group Limited by Share Ltd mergers and acquisitions including the 4 companies, the headquarters of the Zhoushan: Zhejiang Sensen Industrial Co., Ltd. (mainly the production of medium pressure air pump, fishing machine equipment, environmental protection equipment, industrial pumps, pet supplies); Zhoushan yinsen electromechanical Manufacturing Co Ltd (mainly the production of Seafood Show the heating cabinet, constant temperature machine, bar); Zhoushan city Wilma Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd (mainly the production of Roots blower, pump); Zhoushan porlid pumps Co., Ltd (mainly the production of various types of pumps).

 The 2, we BOYU Guangdong Boyu Group Co., Ltd is a company committed to the development, production and sales of various kinds of aquarium equipment, ancillary equipment and garden landscaping pet supplies the national high-tech enterprises, is an active promoter and lead the international aquarium industry development. The brand "Boyu" as "China well known trademark", "famous brand of Guangdong province", "brand-name products in Guangdong province". Production base covers an area of about 100000 square meters, has a good production environment, strong R & D strength and advanced production and testing equipment, has a strong new product development and design capabilities Born in

 The 3, Resun Guangdong Risheng group is China's aquarium equipment industry leading enterprises, the group's existing 5 modern factory, located in Chaozhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, a total area of over 160000 square meters, the leading varieties complete technology in the country and more than 70 national wide sales, has a high reputation of the products. Born with an air pump, filter, water pump, chiller, heating rods, UV germicidal lamp, aquarium, pond and pet supplies and other advanced production line of more than 30 years, and mold manufacturing capacity of more than 900 sets of mold center, and 90 sets of injection molding machine, strong technology and hardware equipment for the industry champion. Uphold the humanized management idea, with well-trained staff, resolutely implement the ISO9001:2000 management system, the majority of products through the UL, GS, CE, VDE, KEMA, PSE, BEAB, SAA certification and other countries, and more than 80 patent products.

 The 4, JEBO Jiabao Guangdong Zhenhua Electric Appliance Co., referred to as "Zhenhua appliance" - formerly known as Xiaolan Zhenhua Electric Appliance Factory, founded in 1983 June in Zhongshan Siu Lam, 89-93 years to become Xiaolan middle school run company, 94-2001 years and Xiaolan Industrial General Corporation partnership to become Zhongshan Xiaolan Zhenhua Electric Appliance Limited company, is a typical private high-tech enterprises. In 2004 the formal naming become Guangdong Zhenhua Electric Appliance Co Ltd, the company's brand "JEBO Jiabao" was identified as the province famous trademark and Guangdong Province famous brand products, submersible pump series products in 2006 the brand won the national inspection free products.

 The 5, Hayley Hailea Xinli Electromechanical Factory was established in 1999 1989, Sony Electromechanical Factory promoted to Hayley group. Haili is mechanical growth and full of creative energy and electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises. Come ten years, Harry has been unremittingly in pursuit of new technology and superior product quality. Now, Harry has become active participants in the promoters and the world of aquarium equipment, aquaculture equipment, garden supplies, industrial pump, electronic products and tea tea products R & D and production.

 The 6, Minjiang Aquarium Guangdong Minjiang Aquarium Industry Co. Ltd is professional aquarium enterprise a set research and development, production, sales, service in one of the. The company since its establishment in 1991, in the aquarium products for the "professional" strategic goal, with "innovation" the spirit of construction company. In the "credibility of the first, the user first" business philosophy to win the market, with an annual output of less than 20000 of aquarium plant from the beginning, become today have Jiangmen Heshan, Tianjin, Chengdu 3 production bases, staff more than a thousand people a large aquarium products enterprises.

 The 7, Haina lear Langfang Haina Montreal aquarium Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the registered capital of 15000000 yuan. The company is located in the hinterland of Bohai economic engine rings gold - Langfang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a comprehensive innovation oriented enterprises, a set of high-grade aquarium, aquarium equipment and aquarium products design, development, production, sales in one of the. The company covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, has a complete range of modern production workshop, a full digital management system, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system. Has the most advanced equipment and glass cutting edge grinding equipment, and the success of the introduction of Japan, Germany and other advanced tank molding production lines, super luxury aquarium cabinet, base production lines such as a large number of advanced production equipment.

 The 8, ADA ADA aquarium is a well-known Japanese aquarium, aquarium products with independent production capacity, provide a full range of aquatic products, superior quality, so popular with aquarium enthusiasts love. President Amano Nao mania for landscape plants hobbies will make ADA a professional R & D and aquatic related activities of enterprises, and now more than in Japan, ADA aquarium has because of its name from overseas plants.

 The 9, bright Aquarium Baoding bright aquarium Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, was founded in 2003. In 2011 changed its name to Hebei bright aquarium Technology Co. Ltd., and successfully entered China Electric Valley Industrial Park, the venue of 150000 square meters, nearly ten thousand square meters modern multifunctional office building. Has become the country's largest ecological aquarium production base, product styles material up to hundreds of species, including fish tank aquarium in mahogany become champions, for Redwood fish tank to perfection, the company set up branch in Laos mahogany. At present, bright aquarium has developed in China 15 Zhiyingdian, owns more than 800 stores, more than 400 outstanding employees, and in Denmark, Oman, the United States, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Holland, Russia and other 18 countries export sales. To gain market share, be familiar with the basic grasp on the existing technology in the world, the "bright spots" positive innovation, constantly seeking a breakthrough on the technology, is committed to using new technology, and obtained 10 national patent technology into a new concept to product development, to promote the development of China's ecological aquarium industry, entered the ranks of the world's top brands.

 The 10, Holly love (Cleair) Chengdu Zhituo aquarium Co. Ltd (Holly love CLEAIR) series of high-grade aquarium is China's largest professional production enterprises, the company covers an area of 80 acres, has 40000 square meters of modern production plant, multifunctional office building more than 3000 square meters. The brand was founded, Holly love in the development field have invested a total of more than one hundred million yuan, is not only a culture of high efficiency, high-quality product development team, also established a perfect function, with international advanced level of technology development center. For the new product development, test and evaluation provides a reliable protection. Through the planning and adjustment, the company has formed from market research, product planning, modeling, general arrangement, structural design to the product trial manufacture, test the whole process of the development process; including the formation of the aquarium development, cabinet, the development of electronic electric appliance accessory products, the overall independent development ability. Through the practice of a series of products, Chengdu Zhituo development strength gradually. In 2007, our company developed dozens of models designed aquarium constantly listed, its design, R & D and the first-class level, and won several national patents and patent design structure.
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